La Manada – The Wolf Pack

On Thursday 26th of April, Spanish courts announced the verdict of the trial of five men, dubbed La Manada “the Wolf-Pack”, who were accused of the rape of an 18 year old girl during the San Fermin bull-running festival in July 2016. 

The court convicted the five men of sexual abuse, not rape. The difference between the two under current Spanish law is that sexual abuse does not involve violence or intimidation. This means that instead of the 22+ years that the prosecution was seeking, the guilty five will face up to nine years, almost two of which they have already served. According the La Voz de Galicia ( among others, it could be much less due to the nature of the charges and the state of the law.

The verdict caused almost instantaneous outrage right across Spain, and mobilisation of vast numbers of people in cities and towns across the country. Thousands took to the streets to protest the lightness of the sentence.

The country has been divided by what many are calling a “disappointing,” “sexist” and “cowardly” decision. 

Following the verdict, BOTH parties will be appealing to the courts. 


Here are some of the news articles in both Spanish and English that explain the full story.


Caso de la manada



la manada reduced sentence



Verguenza. Shame. On the courts for handing out such a short sentence


Thousands of protesters filled the street outside the Ministry of Justice in Madrid on Thursday 26th of April


It’s not (sexual) abuse, its rape


Yes its rape. They rape us for free. I don’t want to be afraid


I don’t want to be afraid


Protesters chanted outside the Ministry of Justice in Madrid


Thousands took to the streets to protest the sentence


The crowds of people moved from the Ministry of Justice towards Gran Via, disrupting traffic


A woman sticks the faces of the five guilty men on the wall of the Ministry of Justice


Protesters march down Gran Via towards Puerta del Sol


The protest moves through Puerta del Sol towards the Congreso de los Diputados


Protesters left no doubts about their motives


Protesters outside the Congreso de los Diputados


Protesters move from the Congreso de los Diputados towards Atocha


Protesters gathered in Atocha


Yo si te creo. I believe you


A minute of total silence was observed by all those present


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